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The KwaZulu-Natal Legislature, permanently located in the historic capital city of Pietermartizburg, is a hive of activity and a place of robust debate, where members of parliament engage energetically around issues relating to the province’s development. Made up of 80 members, party representation at the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature, after the 2009 general election, is as follows: 

African National Congress (51 seats);
Inkatha Freedom Party  (18 seats); 
Democratic Alliance (7 seats);
Minority Front (2 seats);
African Christian Democratic Party (1 seat); and 
The Congress of the People (1 seat).


The new Speaker of the KZN Provincial Legislature is former Health MEC Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni. In her opening remarks at the induction of new Members of the Provincial Legislature stressed that the KZN Legislature must be an expression of the people’s voice. She urged members not to “lose sight  of the fact that the patience of the people, who have entrusted us with their vote, is not infinite”.  READ MORE
Former Agriculture MEC Mtholephi Emmanuel Mthimkhulu has taken the reins as Deputy Speaker, the Chairperson of Committees is SN Mtetwa and Chief Whip is Nomusa Dube.

It is the task of the numerous committees, operating within the framework of the provincial legislature, to hold government accountable to the people, in keeping with the spirit of the KZN Provincial Citizens’ Charter. Launched in November 2005 by former KZN Premier Sbu Ndebele, its aim was to give citizens of the province more say in the way public services are delivered and to create an environment characterised by a culture of service excellence.

The Citizens’ Charter has provided a platform upon which provincial and local government departments outline their service delivery improvement plans.  READ MORE


As a custodian of democracy, the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature is committed to inform, educate and involve all communities of the province in its policy and legislative processes. It has a duty to take the Legislature closer to the people and to increase the efficiency of existing ppublic participation mechanisms within the Legislature, such as public hearings and submissions procedures.

Duduza Gatsheni
Head: Public Participation and Petitions Division
Tel: (033) 355 7655


Visiting hours 9am – 15.30pm
Tour duration – 1 hour

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